Policies and Procedures


Dear Tenants,

We are committed to continuing to communicate as warranted with our tenants as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic and to sharing updates as they occur. We also continue to proactively expand our protocols within our property as extraordinary measures are enacted by governing jurisdictions. Protecting your health and safety, and that of our workforce is foremost on our minds as we respond to these unprecedented events.

We SINCERELY appreciate your cooperation as we partner to shorten this pandemic.


Please feel free to contact Kristopher Entler at kentler@lpc.com with any questions or concerns. Through our on-going partnership and open communication, we will ensure a seamless transition back to the office for all. Lincoln Property Company and the Woodfield Corporate Center Ownership are proud to be a strong partner to our tenants and we are wishing the very best for you and yours as we prepare for this next chapter in the COVID-19 story.


Centers for Disease Control www.cdc.gov
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services www.hhs.gov
United States Occupation Safety and Health Administration www.osha.gov